Get to know us

You want to get to know us? That’s great, we want to get to know you, too! We have thought about this quite a lot and here we want to present to you how we imagine the process of getting to know each other.

Before we want to meet you in person, we’d like you to read the whole website, if you haven’t done so, so far. We described our thoughts and objectives quite detailed and it’d be sad if we do meet and you then realise that we don’t fit together – based on information that you can find here. Could be possible, right? It’d be quite a waste of time for you as well as for us to meet in this case. If you do find something that doesn’t really fit with your thoughts, maybe you still contact us so we can talk about it. Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding or a different use of words and phrases (plus translating is a hard thing…) and maybe this one point isn’t set in stone.

When you’ve read all of this and want to get to know us more than ever, let’s meet in person! It’d be nive if you came to Leipzig and we spend one or two relaxed days together. Cooking, eating, drinking, sitting at a lake and most of all: Talking, philosophying, becoming more familiar with each other. In doing so we can see if we fit together, if it works “chemically”, simply all that which can’t be done though text. Until we do the next step, we want to meet you at least twice and spend altogether at least three days with you.

And then we developed this fine questionnaire. Of course you can start filling it in right now (we believe that this questionnaire makes sense for all people who want to found an intentional community or want to join one), if you want to. Anyways, the next step in our routine is to come together and reading aloud all our answers to each other. If there are any misunderstandings or amiguities we can clarify it right there. And if we disagree on stuff we can find out right there if we and work on them and find a solution – or not.

Then if we find that we do fit together, personally and in content, we want to make a working-project with you. Working together connects and you get to know the other(s) in a different way. It’s very important to us because we will have to work together a lot in the community as well as in the start-up-phase. Besides you can find out how people behave under stress and of course that’s important in an intentional community, too. And what are we planning for that? Well, no idea! Maybe you’re moving at the moment and you need help renovating? Or we make a juice-week, bike around, pick wild apples and make juice? And wine? Here in Leipzig there are two big projects at the moment: Our garden and Caris‘ apartment (Caris is making all her furniture herself). Working together is a great experience that connects us and that we will remember. And even if it doesn’t work out in the end we have the fruits of our work.

And then after we’ve done all that together with you, we want to travel with you for a bit. In summer that could be one of these great political camps and in winter? Well maybe we hitchhike down to Spain? It’s all about getting to know the others in a situation where you spend a lot of time cramped together, a kind of a stress test. But such a vacation connects, too and is a joined experience.

It’ll probably be different every time and we’ll probably meet more often in between. This is just a guideline, so we don’t forget anything.