At the moment we live in Leipzig and we’d be happy if you’d like to come live here, too.

After a lot of thinking about how we want to organise the start-up phase we came to the conclusion, that it probably makes the most sense if everybody lives at the same place. Communication’s just so much easier from face to face (instead of conference calls, e-mails and so on)! We could start out with a small-scale → communal economy project (such as a → community car or a → community garden). We can see each other so much more and we don’t have to budget our shared time as much: Less conflicts between social life and „we have to do some stuff now“. And we get the chance to get to know each other better, the good sides as well as the bad sides (not a morning person, forgetfulness, has to listen to loud music while working, …) and learn to cope with them on a longterm basis.
Our experience is that it’s unbelievably time-consuming if you have to communicate every community-relevant thought to all founding-members, if they don’t live nearby, that it’s much more complicated and takes much more time to reach decisions when you’re far away from each other and that there are much more misunderstandings in written communication, that take a lot of time to solve. And then there are quite a few topics that just need direct communication, like for example emotional topics. And then the process of getting to know potential members! It’d be way more complicated if we’d all live scattered all over Germany or even Europe. We even doubt that that would be possible.
Therefore: Everyone to the same city! But which one? We also gave this a lot of thought and came to the conclusion, that it’d be the best if everybody came to Leipzig. And this is why:

  • Leipzig has such a huge alternative scene, so many lefties, hippies, alternative people or whatever you want to call them and more and more are arriving every day. That makes it likely for us to find some more people who want to join us – right here were we are. Since one of our principles is the minimisation of suffering it’s good if less people have the stress of moving.
  • Leipzig is really cheap: Even though the real estate market is hardening, compared to other large cities or even Berlin living is still really cheap and finding an apartment in the first place is possible here. For example in Caris‘ house: There are still two empty flats for you.
  • Many people who’d fit into our community think Leipzig’s so cool and come here to visit. That’s when we tell them about our great project and keep them right away!