Freedom from domination

What we mean by freedom from domination

To us freedom from domination (or anarchy) means a way of living together without exerting power over each other, neither „legitimised“ power, nor hidden power, nor structural power. A situation in which people voluntarily decide to live, work, party with certain people (free association). A situation in which the rules the people observe are being determined by themselves, because they agree with them.

Why we want freedom from domination

  • Because we want to live freely and self-determinedly
  • Because we don’t want to exert power over each other or limit each others freedom
  • Because it’s wise not to subordinate oneself under the knowledge, experience and wishes of one individual
  • Because we want to found a permanent community. In our opinion this can only be achieved if everyone feels included and if we’re all considerate of everone else and if everyone can bring in what’s important to them.

How we’re planning on implementing this

  • Decisions are being taken in consensus
  • Children do not have to go to school
  • Communal economy (no domination by money)
  • Antisexism (no domination by sex: Search of, analysis of and criticism on domination of sex)
  • Transparency (no hidden dominance)
  • Self-determined education (reduction of dominance through hierarchies of knowledge or experience)
  • Fair division of labour / recognised activities (no domination through qualification or status of work)