Shared car

Another project to practice and live communal economy before the actual community will be found could be a shared car. If all members live in Leipzig it could be worthwile and also ecologically justifiable. We’re thinking of one of these typical transporters with 6 or 7 seats that you can drive with a normal drivers licence.

We haven’t thought about the exact conditions yet, because we don’t think it makes much sense to buy it already. And we’re very concerned when it comes to cars and only want to do this with people we already know quite well and whom we trust.

In any case it’s really important to us that we write down binding rules that will be signed by everyone. This precaution is due to biographic events, but it seems to be quite reasonable. Among other things we’re thinking about stuff like: Never drive drunk (or stoned or whatever). Always with the seatbelt on. Only community members can drive. Written transparency about mileage, repair, taxes, insurance, accidental damage, misdemeanors…