We will look for new members and get to know us, until we have a founding group of 12 people (adults). We want a very high homogeneity of ideology and goals / life concepts in this founding group, at least our goals have to be easy to combine. As soon as we have enough members, we’ll start writing a financing concept.

Not before we achieve this status, will we start looking for a concrete piece of land. When we have found one and have decided that we want this very land, our communal economy (property) starts and we get all the money we’ll need to buy land, buildings and to finance the first time there. The daily communal economy of the whole group will not start before we move to our community-site on the countryside, when we really live together. If there are individual people who want to try it out with two or three others before that, maybe living in a flat share, that’s great, too. And our two self-contained communal-economy-projects (→ shared garden and → shared car) can be a test run and we can create some more, even.

We’d really be happy if all members, as soon as they are members, try to make savings so we will have a big seed capital. How you do it is up to you.

What we do when we have bought our piece of land depends on it’s condition. Is there drinking water, buildings, in which we can live, internet, electricity… ? Then we can move there, as soon as we have enough money. If not, we’ll have to find a temporary solution.