A communal economy means, that we have to think about work, too. Work, not only as wage labour, is a part of our economy.

We want to design our work transparently and develop a structure, that reduces and avoids discrimination due to sex or gender. A structure that succeeds in distributing all the work that we have to do and that we want to be done fairly and reasonably. A structure that is easy to understand and implement, but nevertheless does justice to the complexity of the topic. A structure that prevents domination and reduces conflicts. And there are probably even more requirements.

We already have had many ideas about this, but until now we haven’t found a structure that achieves all of this. And we don’t want to commit ourselves to only one structure but rather try out different ones for a certain amount of time, then evaluate the results and then either decide on the best model or develop a new one that implements the best parts of each one of them.